We are Slovak software company.

We have been providing specialized software solutions since 1999.

We are flexible, fast and our team is stable over the long term

We communicate directly and are open to new opportunities

Our solutions are comprehensive and highly efficient

Our team

We have many years of experience in software development. The result of our work are tailor-made effective solutions that save time and simplify the work of business representatives and managers of many companies. All our team members are important. Everyone has an opportunity to express their opinion and this ensures us stability and orientation towards a common goal.

Branislav Balvan, Ing.

Executive Manager (CEO)

Peter Ratkovský, Ing.

Key Account Manager

Petr Ježek, Ing.

Development Leader

Richard Segla, Ing.

Senior Developer

Stanislav Tokarčík, Ing.

Senior Developer

Iveta Petreková, Ing.

Data Analyst

Dušan Ondo-Eštók, Mgr.

Senior Consultant

Ivana Kmecová, Ing.

Junior Consultant

Katarína Krnáčová, RNDr., PhD.

Consultant for Biomedical research

Tomáš Šturdík, Bc.

Data Analyst

We would also like to make your work and system of operation of the company more effective.

Our history

Our history

Our partners

MicroSoft Partner

Partnership programme

Caldera Partner

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The Guardian of the Bridge - Residence for artists/scientists in Štúrovo

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MBK Karlovka Bratislava

Basketball club

MBK Victoria Žilina

Basketball club

Mladosť Žilina

Judo club

Slávia ŽU Žilina

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