Modular system with high level of security

ETMS system

Electronic Territory Management System (ETMS)

A strong competitive environment generates a number of new complementary opportunities. Without good-quality market, product and customer data, the seller has reduced chances to succeed.

A good sales model builds on quality marketing data and accurate reports. Acquired and processed information is essential for preparation of business strategy and tactics.

High-quality information system processing extensive input data with high level of flexibility for the user is a crucial tool that significantly affects success or failure.

What does ETMS mean

The ETMS is a comprehensive sales and marketing tool for field workers. It automates routine and daily operations, allowing the user to focus on active sales.

The module software ETMS is maximally adapted to the needs of the user/customer. Throughout the years of development and improvement, we have created a vigorous solution that covers full range of needs of the pharmaceutical and marketing industry.

The basis of the ETMS system

The core of the ETMS is the basic module, which is used for system setup, continuous synchronization and data updating.

Thanks to the ETMS, medical representatives will reduce the time and administrative costs associated with the preparation and implementation of the work in field. They don't waste time and can concentrate on the sales activities themselves. They have well-arranged and available all contact details of customers, sales plans, sales data, etc.

On the other hand, senior managers have real-time reports on the activity and efficiency of their sales team. The results are generated from a wide range of input data created by collection of such data at the company level or imported from various information sources.

Various support modules are available within the system. Choosing the right modules will create a tailor-made solution that provides only the information that customer needs. Parameter calculation methods, special exports and many other functionalities can also be customized.

System benefits

  1. Transparent and intuitive operation
  2. Export to XLS, pivot, charts, maps
  3. MS Windows, iOS, Android
  1. Data sharing by users
  2. Analyses and reports
  3. Online update and data synchronization
  4. Maximum variation
  1. Unified environment for all data:
    ● customers ● activities ● sales overview
    ● state of competition ● fulfillment of the plan, etc.

Identification of business opportunities

Customer view

All relevant customer data is integrated and available in one place.

Identification of opportunity

The system imports external product sales data. The lowest analytical level is sales in a district/city and in single pharmacies.

Segmentation and targeting

Customers can be categorized according to variable profiling and to set goals for individual groups.

Evaluation and team support

ROI (return on investment) Rating

Evaluating success at different levels including comparison of expenditures vs. sale

Back office support

The system supports back office staff:
● monitoring investment ● status of spending budgets ● status of samples and marketing materials ● attendance

Information sharing

Each team member has access to information and documents that he or she is authorised for by job description

Insight View

Benefits of ETMS

 Minimizing administration

 Time saving

 Realtime activity overview

 Integration with other modules