Transfer Orders

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Manager's FTE dropped

to 0%
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Medicinal Representatives' FTE

lower by 35%
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Sales Support demands

lower by 18%

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Situation of the Client

The company representatives place orders using the interfaces of the distributors, their operators, or via e-mail. Each order completion needs to be checked. If the order is not completed, a new order for the undelivered products needs to be placed. By the end of the month, the sales support employees need to collect and register all orders from distributors and medicinal representatives. The final reports include all relevant data for assessing the total sales of the month.

In addition, they prepare reports comparing orders with real sales per sales unit/pharmacy. On the other hand, once a month, the manager evaluates the discount campaigns for pharmacies and the campaigns of the retail chains.

Problem at Hand

The manager is not able to set limitations for the discount, monitor the effectiveness of the discount campaigns and react to the current sales. The manager and representatives have to prepare the reports manually. There is no automatic pre-processing of the data.

Request of the Client

Make the order process faster and easier by unifying the user environment. Automatize the repeated actions at report preparation and result evaluation. Create a reliable way of controlling discounts granted to the customers by the representatives. Control the current marketing campaigns by monitoring the sales growth in real time.


Due to various environments the representatives have to use to place their orders, it was necessary to set up a unified GUI (graphical user interface). The best solution was the deployment of the Transfer Order module.

The representatives can place all orders for all distributors in one environment. This reduced the difficulty of controlling systems and navigation in all of them. At the same time, the system updates the information on the status/completion of the orders. It is also able to prepare a summary and detailed overview. Undelivered products are being sent to customers automatically.

The system allows the representatives to provide discounts only to pharmacies and amounts in line with their system authorisation level (defined by the manager).


The manager sees the reports in order to monitor the effectiveness of the discounts and the sales and marketing campaigns of the retail chains in real time. There is also the online comparison of sales and transfer orders in the individual pharmacies. It is also possible to monitor the share of orders made by the representatives in comparison to the orders made by the pharmacy itself.

With the Transfer Order module, the manager may evaluate the effectiveness of the activities of the representatives, the success rate of placing orders during the meeting and the impact on sales in one reporting system. The administrative burden of the employees dropped significantly. The FTE (Full Time Equivalent) of the manager dropped to 0%. The FTE of the medicinal representatives dropped by 35% and the Sales Support demands dropped by 18%.